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The Brandon Hill Primary and Junior High School in West Rural St. Andrew now has a fully equipped resource centre, which will be used in the teaching of reading and computer studies.
The multi-activity centre, which also houses a library, was officially opened yesterday (March 4) at a ceremony held on the school’s compound. Students and a significant number of residents from Brandon Hill and adjoining communities are expected to benefit from the facility.
Principal of the school, Mr. Clarence Powell noted that the resource centre, which is equipped with eight computers with reading software, would undoubtedly enhance the teaching and learning processes at the school. He noted that, already, students are showing high interest and enthusiasm especially those in the primary department.
“Some of them are using the computer for the very first time. With the reading software, they are finding learning to read much more fun as it is a welcome break from the traditional chalk and talk method of teaching,” Mr. Powell stated.
He said that parents and community members will not be left out as the resource centre will be used to start an evening programme where basic home management as well as literacy skills will be taught.
In his remarks, Minister of State for Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, lauded the move to establish the resource centre, noting that it is of “first class quality”.
“I want to commend everybody that is associated with this project. We all owe you a sincere debt of gratitude because what you have done here in Brandon Hill is going to live long past you and long past your children and grandchildren,” he stated.
“You are leaving an indelible mark on this community, you are leaving a legacy, and you are giving an opportunity here for us to really maximise the potential of our people,” added Mr. Gallimore, who is also Member of Parliament for the area.
The Brandon Hill Primary and Junior High School’s resource centre was constructed with grant funds from the Ministry of Education and monies raised through fundraising efforts by parents and children.

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