• JIS News

    Residents of New Forrest and surrounding districts in Manchester, are being urged to assist the police in solving the criminal activities occurring in their communities.
    This appeal comes from Corporal Melvin Smith, of the Alligator Pond Police, who was speaking at a Manchester Parish Council town meeting, at the New Forrest Primary and Junior High School, on Thursday (Oct 9).
    Cpl. Smith said some of the individuals, who are involved in illicit activities in the communities, are known to the residents, and implored the citizens to cooperate with the police in apprehending those culpable, pointing out that no one is immune from the effects of crime.
    “The communities around here are quite small, and we know each other. So, in stemming the robberies that are taking place, we must start with those whom we know. Talk with a police officer that you can trust, call the emergency numbers where you can remain anonymous. When you see strange people in your community, make a note of the vehicles that they are in, write down the registration number, call the police station, and we will check out such vehicles,” he said.
    A community meeting with the police and citizens will be held at the New Forrest Primary and Junior High School on Sunday (October 12), starting at 7:00 pm, to draft other crime fighting strategies for the areas, as the police try to put a lid on the recent upsurge in burglaries and other crimes in the quiet rural districts.
    Cpl. Smith advised that he and his colleagues will be out in large numbers, to provide the residents with tips on how best to keep their communities safe.