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PORT ANTONIO – Residents from various communities in St. Mary turned out for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) farmers' market held last Friday March 4 at the Trinity Boxing Plant in Port Maria.

The market was the third such event organised by the St. Mary Office of RADA since the start of the year, as part of the national effort to assist farmers to get rid of the oversupply of certain crops. The others were held on January 28 and February 11.

Speaking to JIS News, RADA Marketing Officer for St. Mary, Alfred Dunkley, said the event was a success, with some 20 farmers from St. Mary and St. Ann participating. He said that more than 12.5 tons of produce including vegetables and ground provisions were sold.

He informed that some 800 residents from across the parish made purchases throughout the day, taking advantage of the abundance of produce being sold at affordable prices.

Noting that the market was better planned and more properly organised than the ones previously held, Mr. Dunkley said that every effort was made to meet the demand of patrons for more ground provisions.

He informed that a fourth farmers’ market will be held on March 18, while another is being planned for April.



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