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Head of the St. Mary Police, Superintendent Fabian Farquharson, says that citizens must become united in the fight against crime.

The new police commander for the parish, who was addressing a town hall meeting at the Port Maria Civic Centre on Wednesday (March 29), noted that criminals are uneasy in environments where citizens are organised and united.

“When your community is weak and disorganised, it benefits the criminals. When you are strong and united and have a relationship with your police, that is when the criminals exit your community,” he pointed out.

Stressing that citizen unity is “power against crime syndicates”, Superintendent Farquharson said he will be stepping up dialogue with residents and interest groups in the parish’s 11 police districts, noting that he will next meet with the business community.

The Superintendent told residents that strides have been made in addressing illegal vending and bringing order to the town centre, noting that the efforts will continue.

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