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Residents of Annotto Bay and surrounding communities in St. Mary recently benefited from free mental health services during a health fair held at the Annotto Bay Hospital.
The fair, organised by the North Eastern Regional Health Authority (NERHA) in observance of mental health week, was held under the theme: ‘Building Awareness – Reducing Risk, Mental Illness and Suicide’.
Among the services provided were mental health screening, and talks on depression, suicide, child abuse, parenting and stress management, including exhibitions and video presentations.
Carolette Brown, Mental Health Supervisor at the NERHA, told JIS News that the event aimed to provide treatment to persons with mental health problems, while at the same time sensitising residents about the importance of maintaining good mental health.
According to Miss Brown, the mental health status of the population was of critical importance to personal and national development.
She advised that persons could lessen their mental health risk by reducing their stress levels, relaxing more, indulging in hobbies, and consulting with mental health professionals when signs of vulnerability appear.
Miss Brown told JIS News that the fair would be an annual event, to be held at different locations in the health region.

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