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Residents of St. James turned out on April 21, to participate in a public consultation on the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPSCo) application for a tariff increase, staged by the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR), at the Montego Bay Civic Centre.
Public consultations on the tariff application, which are scheduled to be held islandwide, under the theme: ‘Regulating utilities for the benefit of all’, will afford citizens the opportunity to examine the JPS’ application and to hear the reasons for any upward adjustment of rates at this time.
For the most part, citizens expressed concerns to the Chief Executive Officer of the JPSCo, Damion Obligio and other representatives of the company, about the proposed increase, arguing that this would be unfair to customers.

Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo), Damion Obligio, addressing participants at the JPSCo’s public consultation on its application for a tariff increase, held at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, on April 21.

Director of Consumer and Public Affairs at the OUR, David Geddes, told JIS News that JPS’ tariff review was not just about what rate consumers should pay, but of more critical importance were issues such as quality of service standards and efficiency targets.
“We are encouraging citizens to review the application from the JPS, which is on the OUR website, and come prepared to the consultations to make submissions on the guaranteed standards or even just to hear what the JPS is asking for and why they are asking for the increase. At the end of the consultations, we at the OUR will be able to formulate a consumer chapter on the tariff, on the guaranteed quality service standards and also to look at some of the efficiency targets for the JPS. In the end, it will see the OUR coming out with a decision on how the tariff should be designed, what the rates should be and what the quality of service should be,” he said.
Defending the company’s application for a tariff increase, Mr. Obligio said that this was critical if the company is to successfully complete its programme of improvement and upgrading, thereby affording its customers enhanced quality service standards.

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