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Labour Day activities in the parishes of St. James and Hanover got off to a slow start yesterday morning (May 23), but gradually picked up as residents laboured on the 80 projects registered in the two parishes.
Mayor of Lucea, Vasca Brown, led the charge in Hanover to implement the 30 registered projects, including the main activities for the parish, which involve the beautification of the entrance to the town of Lucea and refurbishing of the historic Watson Taylor Park.
According to Mayor Brown, the projects selected were in keeping with the national Labour Day theme of ‘Honouring our ancestors.Strengthening communities.’
“We are trying to keep within the theme to ensure that we play our part as well in strengthening our communities. I look at Lucea itself as a heritage site, as a result of that we are beautifying the entrance of the town to give you a different outlook, a different appearance when you go through the town. We are also looking at the Watson Taylor Park,” he told JIS News. While noting that the private sector contribution towards the parish project was “not as vibrant as it used to be” Mayor Brown lauded those businesses and individuals, who contributed in cash and kind to this year’s effort.
In keeping with the national theme, the St. James Labour Day planning committee also chose an historical site as its parish project, which was the refurbishing of the Dome monument in Montego Bay.
Work was also done on the surrounding areas, to include the planting of flowers; painting of pedestrian crossings and curb walls, with the designated colours for parking and no parking zones added.
Mayor of Montego Bay, Noel Donaldson, who was on hand for the day’s activities, praised the private sector and community groups for their support to the parish project.
“I believe that in many communities, the spirit (of volunteerism) remains alive, and what we have to do is continue to nurture and sustain that spirit. I am positive that if we can rekindle the spirit of volunteerism, which is really where we ought to be going as a society, then Labour Day in years to come will be renewed and will attract and have a greater level of significance attached to it,” he stated.
Approximately 40 persons turned up to volunteer their efforts for the parish project. Community members also participated in the 50 projects registered in the parish and the many others not registered.

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