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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, has called on residents of St. Ann to support efforts to develop the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.
The Governor-General, who recently toured the facility, said were it not for the generous gesture of a citizen of the parish many years ago, the hospital would not have been established.
“If this hospital is to realise its potential, we will have to depend on the collective resources not only of the people of St. Ann but all the friends of the hospital, and so I use this opportunity to encourage all of you in the parish to see the hospital as a first responsibility of the parish,” he stated. He noted that the hospital has been doing good work, despite limited resources.
Sir Kenneth Hall further lauded the fundraising efforts of the ‘Friends of St. Ann’s Bay Hospital’ and challenged the group to seek other benefactors.
“I am hoping you can find a few such benefactors and even if you start now, by adding 10 per cent of the benefaction per year, in another 10 years at least, this hospital will be able to meet the demand on its services,” he pointed out.

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