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Approximately 40 residents of Prickly Pole in the Caulderwood Division of South East St. Ann, were presented with free water tanks on April 17, which will enable them to store water for domestic use.
The tanks were distributed by the St. Ann Parish Council under its black tank project.
“This is actually our second set being distributed,” Secretary / Manager of that Parish Council, Clinton Gordon, told JIS News. He said that the first set of tanks was disbursed in the Gibraltar Division, bringing to 60, the total number of beneficiaries to date.
He told JIS News that a number of remote communities were experiencing water supply problems and the Council did not have the resources to truck water to those areas on a regular basis. The provision of the tanks, he said, would enable residents to harvest and store water for domestic use between truck deliveries.
Meanwhile, Councillor for the Caulderwood Division, Vinette Robb, expressed gratitude on behalf of the beneficiaries. She stated that the tanks would be of great assistance to the residents, as not all the areas had piped water.
The Parish Council intends to distribute approximately 400 tanks within the Caulderwood Division by the end of June. The project is estimated at $4 million and is receiving support through the Constituency Development Fund, which was put in place by the Government to provide financing for projects aimed at reducing poverty and improving the lives of citizens.

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