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Approximately 30 land titles have been handed over to beneficiaries in the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) Orange Bay sites and services scheme in Hanover.This completes the full transfer of all 147 lots in the three phases of the scheme to beneficiaries from that area of Hanover.
Giving an overview of the project at the handing over ceremony, held in the Orange Bay Basic School yesterday (February 6), Executive Chairman of the UDC, Dr. Vincent Lawrence, stressed that housing, the provision of social amenities, and community development have been major areas of focus for his organisation.
He explained that those areas continued to be important planks in the UDC’s strategic plan to ensure that development took place for the people of Jamaica.
Dr. Lawrence pointed out that Phase one of the Orange Bay shelter project began in 1981 with the construction of 46 wooden units. This, he said, was a new concept in housing, where expandable, detached and semi-detached shells or studios were being used for housing schemes.
“Through this project, the UDC sought to create a self sustaining community of persons earning below the minimum wage bracket for regular housing programmes. A 10-acre site was subdivided and roads and water put in. The lots were then leased at a minimal rate for two years and at the end of the period, the rent collected was used as a deposit to allow the tenants to become purchasers,” he explained.
The UDC Chairman pointed out that with consistent and innovative assistance from his organisation, all three phases were now fully occupied.
Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, who was on hand to hand out the land titles, urged the residents of the scheme to strive not just to build houses, but to establish homes with proper values and attitudes within their established families. President of the Orange Bay Citizens’ Association, Ruel Quarry, expressed gratitude to the UDC on behalf of the members of his association, for helping them to fulfil that dream of owning a home.

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