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Residents of Manchester turned out in their numbers on Monday (May 24) to work on the 3D project site in Albion, where a new home is being built for disabled young people in the parish.
The community-based rehabilitation service, 3D Projects, is constructing the facility, in collaboration with the Adventists Relief Agency (ADRA) and through funding from the Culture, Health, Arts, Science and Education (CHASE) Fund and FLOW.
The work carried out on Labour Day, which was coordinated by the Manchester Parish Council, involved the construction of a water tank and the cleaning and preparation of the grounds for a play area.
“We have set out to do the casting of this tank. We will put on the slab as well as we will be doing some cleaning up of the grounds and to set out a play area, which is at the back,” informed Works Overseer at the Manchester Parish Council, Jason Johnson.
“We have been working now for about four days doing the preliminary work and we have been privileged to have the help of ADRA, where their team has done significant work to set up the decking and to do the preparation work,” he told JIS News.
Coordinator for the 3D Projects in Manchester, Gloria Gayle, explained that the tank will store water for domestic purposes as well as to support a greenhouse, which will be erected on the property.
“We are aiming to be self-sufficient so from the farm, we are planning to sell the produce from it and the water from the tank will help us to keep the greenhouse going,” she said.
In the meantime, the home, on which construction started on Labour Day 2009, is about 70 per cent complete.
Ms Gayle said that the new facility “will relieve us from paying rent while at the same time provide more spacious accommodations for the children and staff.”
Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsay, who joined the work team, commended the turnout of residents and volunteers for the parish project.
“The participation is very good and people are very enthusiastic and working well,” she said.
Community member, Chester Edwards expressed appreciation, stating that “this project will benefit the community a lot, because quite a number of disabled children are in the community. So I am very happy for this home that will open in this community, I can not wait until the project is finished”.
Established in 1987, 3D Projects is a non-government organisation geared towards fostering independence and self-sufficiency among persons with cognitive disabilities. It offers home training programmes, counselling, educational and job placement, and employment development opportunities.
The project is headquartered in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, with branches in Mandeville, Manchester; Highgate, St. Mary; Morant Bay, St. Thomas; Linstead, St. Catherine; and a documentation unit in New Kingston.

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