JIS News

As preliminary work for the re-development of the Falmouth Wharf gets underway, expectations are high that the US$200 million project, will serve as a catalyst towards restoring the historic Trelawny capital to its former glory.
Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, told JIS News that the volume of development to be brought to the town of Falmouth, by the project, will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the economy of the town and by extension, the entire parish of Trelawny.
“I believe that the re-development of the Falmouth Wharf will be creating much employment opportunities for the town, more businesses will also be established and certainly, more tourists are expected to come and patronise the local craft industry. I think that this is going to be one of the best projects ever to come to Trelawny and I think the entire parish should appreciate this,” he stated.
The Mayor urged residents of the town, especially the young people, to develop an interest in the project, and grasp every opportunity for training in order to access the job opportunities that will be created by the development.
“I suggest that persons don’t sit around and act as ‘Doubting Thomases’, waiting until when the development is almost completed, then they try to jump onboard and it might be too late at that time. I think that they need to get prepared now and be like the wise virgins,” Mayor Gager said.
He also advised the police, health department personnel, representatives of the agricultural sector and the business community, to do the necessary preparations in order to capitalise on this “grand economic opportunity”.
President of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce, Dennis Seivewright, told JIS News that the entire business community was looking forward to the project with “great anticipation”.
“Falmouth has been a sleeping town for too long and I think the time has finally come and we look forward to it with great anticipation. We, at the Chamber, would like to encourage citizens not just to look at the short-term employment benefits, but to gear up for the greater developments,” he stated.
He also encouraged citizens to “prepare themselves so that they can exploit the opportunities that will present themselves. I am encouraging young people to go and get themselves trained and have the right aptitude and skills so that they can be a part of the great economic revolution for Falmouth and the entire parish of Trelawny.”
The preliminary works, which started last week, include the demolition of some structures and removal of debris and the construction of a new fisherman’s beach to facilitate the relocation of the existing facility.
Construction works are expected to begin within a matter of weeks and should be completed by June 2010, to receive one of the world’s largest cruise ships ‘Genesis of the Sea’.