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Persons in Montego Bay and its environs seeking legal information are being encouraged to attend a Legal Aid Day on Saturday, September 25, at the Montego Bay Civic Centre Dome, commencing at noon.
Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council, Hugh Faulkner, explained that while indepth advice will not be available, persons will get information on a variety of subjects during the two-hour event.
“We are inviting members of the public to come for free legal information, so persons who have questions, for example, on land matters, that is, persons who occupy land and are without the requisite title can come and get information as to the steps they can take to regularise their holdings. There will also be attorneys giving information on commencing child custody and child maintenance matters,” Mr. Faulkner noted.
The event, which is being organised by the Council, which falls under the Ministry of Justice, will feature presentations from the newly appointed Head of Independent Commission of Investigations, Terrence Williams and a number of organisations. These include the National Housing Trust (NHT), Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP), Dispute Resolution Foundation, the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) and the Administrator General’s Department. A question and answer session will follow the presentations.
The legal disciplines to be covered include employment, criminal law, restorative justice, landlord-tenant relationship, domestic violence and personal injury.
Mr. Faulkner told JIS News that he is expecting a large turnout, as there will be no cost.
“We are hoping that persons who had been hesitant to approach lawyers because of the cost involved will take this opportunity to access information that will be available. Sometimes when people take the legal route, you minimise disputes and conflicts. When people know what to do, problems that seem insurmountable you will find that there are legal remedies available to you. This is an attempt for the man in the street to come in and get information,” he said.
The Legal Aid Council is the body established by the Legal Aid Act, to administer and supervise legal aid across the island.

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