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Several communities in rural St Andrew and eastern parishes remain marooned, following recent heavy rains across the island.

Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Mr. Audley Gordon, is encouraging residents in these communities to bury their garbage until the communities are accessible. “About 60% of our waste is organic in nature and residents can bury these by digging a hole in their backyards. We are talking about kitchen scraps – vegetable, fruit peelings; grass cuttings; paper and cardboard. The plastic bottles, that will not break down, we recommend those be bagged until we are able to resume collection.”

The Authority is again advising that garbage collection is delayed across the island and every effort is being made to ensure prompt collection.

“The rains have hampered us over the past month, but we are working overtime to get back on track. Nightly collection has been arranged in some areas to clear the backlog and we urge householders to properly secure their garbage until out trucks come.” Mr. Gordon said.

Residents are encouraged to visit our website at www.nswma.gov.jm for further updates or by calling customer service TOLL FREE on 1-888-CLEAN-JA (1-888-253-2652) or 876-448-3220.

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