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    Some 10,000 residents from 27 districts in east rural St. Andrew are benefitting from the recent upgrading and equipping of the Mavis Bank Health Centre.

    The facility was refurbished at a cost of $20 million by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), with financial support from the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), a project of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

    Rehabilitation works included: re-roofing; construction of bathroom and laundry facilities; electrical re-wiring; erection of perimeter chain link fencing; and installation of additional water storage tanks. The centre’s pharmacy space has also been renovated.

    Speaking at the handing over ceremony held on March 20, General Manager in charge of Infrastructure and Civil Works at JSIF, Andrew Neita said the project is part of the government’s commitment to strengthen the primary health care system, in an effort to lessen the burden on hospitals islandwide.

    He said under the improved conditions, residents will enjoy a number of well-needed services, including: child and maternal health services; antenatal, post natal and family planning services; weekly dental care; a public health clinic that issues food handlers’ permits; and the services of a lab technician.

    Mr. Neita said a key requirement of the project’s execution was the establishment of a maintenance committee, which will be responsible for taking care of the centre.

    “We hope that the residents and the Community Development Committee (CDC) will now come together to maintain and care for the upgraded facility,” he charged.

    The Mavis Bank Health Centre serves residents in a number of communities, including Hagley Gap; Penlyne Castle; Ginger Reece; and Mt. Lebanon.

    By Athaliah Reynolds-Baker

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