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The Social Development Commission (SDC) has dismissed reports that persons living and working in the vicinity of Sabina Park will require accreditation to move in and around the area during the ICC Cricket World Cup next year.
According to Lorian Peart, Special Projects Officer attached to Region 1 of the SDC, this was not the case as, accreditation would only be required for the motor vehicles of persons residing and operating businesses within the restricted traffic zones.
She was speaking at a recent Traffic Management Meeting at the North Street Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kingston, involving residents from the communities surrounding Sabina Park as well as business operators in that area.
“If you have a vehicle, you will need an accreditation sticker to get your motor vehicle into the restricted areas. That is the purpose of accreditation,” she stressed.
Outlining the process involved in collating the information necessary for such accreditation, Miss Peart said that the Jamaica Local Organising Committee (LOC) had commissioned the SDC to conduct a survey of residents as well as businesses in the communities surrounding the historic venue.
The survey was conducted in three phases, which involved two preliminary counts, which informed an extended census. Each respondent who owned a motor vehicle, was required to provide motor vehicle registration numbers.
“We have done an extensive list from the man on the corner to the business operator and shop keeper and this was done over the period from April to June of this year,” Miss Peart noted.
“In the end, we had a 12 per cent non-response rate, which we have been following up with telephone calls to explain the process and the reason why we are doing the census,” she added.
The Projects Officer informed that the list containing the information gleaned from census so far has been given to Jamaica LOC. “They are in the process doing what they need to do, to accredit our citizens by March 2007,” Miss Peart said.
For those persons still left out in the census, she said that supplementary activities were planned for January 2007 to have them included. These activities, she pointed out, would be strategically geared toward residents possessing motor vehicles.
In the interim, she implored residents who have not been included in the census to contact the offices of the SDC Region 1 on Ocean Boulevard, especially those who possess motor vehicles. This is in addition to those who have already been counted, but have since acquired new motor vehicles.
“Persons who would have come into the community after the census period will be added to the data. So, on both ends we are trying to be facilitatory and inclusive as much as possible,” she said.
“If you do not reside or operate a business in the area, you may have some difficulty accessing the area,” Miss Peart said.
Sabina Park will play host to seven matches during the event next year between the months of March and April.

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