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Officials from the St. Thomas Parish Disaster Committee, the National Works Agency (NWA) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) are now assessing damaged roads in the parish, with a view to clearing the debris.
“As soon as they get back, we will arrange for a meeting to see exactly what has happened, verify reports as to how badly the roads and other infrastructure have been damaged,” Parish Disaster Co-ordinator for St. Thomas, Millicent Blake told JIS News.
According to Mrs. Blake, residents in the Hagley Gap, Penlyne Castle, Epping Farm, Minto, Ladies View and Grass Piece communities are now marooned. The roadway from Mango Row to Mount Vernon Gap is blocked by land slippages as well as the main road from Trinityville to Cedar Valley.
She said that efforts are being made by the team to determine the number of persons in the affected communities that would be in need of relief supplies and food requirements.
Mrs. Blake said that motorists should not attempt to cross Murray Gully in Llandewey, which is impassable due to flooding. She also noted that there is flooding in the Back Bush area and on the Yallahs main road, in the vicinity of the Yallahs Primary School.
There are also reports of flooding and land slippages in Miami Lane and River Head in Llandewey and motorists should proceed with caution when approaching Hurley Crossing and Bowden Crossing.
The Parish Co-ordinator said that ODPEM is currently monitoring the situation, with a view to airlifting persons from the areas, depending on their needs.
“It depends on the weather situation, because usually if they are cut off for extended periods, then we do air lifts in the area,” she said.
She pointed out that the Parish Council will be moving “aggressively” to get heavy duty equipment in the areas to clear roads, as soon as the weather improves.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Blake said that 10 shelter managers are on stand-by in the troubled areas, in the event that shelters have to be opened.
“Should the need arise we will open the shelters,” she said, noting that shelter managers, community leaders and the police usually play an integral role in assisting the residents.

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