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The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is urging Jamaicans to lodge all complaints of shoddy goods and services with the agency.
CAC Regional Officer, Timothy Watson, said that aggrieved customers often try to seek redress on their own, which may lead to violent incidents.
“We want the consumers to know that the Consumer Affairs Commission can provide them with adequate help, so they need not take matters into their own hands. All they need to do is call us. We are here to maintain fair play between the consumer and service providers,” he stated.
Mr. Watson was addressing the quarterly meeting of the Manchester Parish Development Committee held recently at the Ridgemount United Church in Mandeville.
He assured that the CAC responds quickly to consumers, who feel that their rights have been violated.
“In a market economy, the market doesn’t assure you of safe food and products, so we have to ensure that as a Commission, we provide ample service and protection to the consumers against elements, who might want to take advantage against them,” he said.
He informed that last year the CAC secured some $23 million on behalf of aggrieved customers. More than $2,000 complaints were lodged with the agency, with more than 90 per cent resolved.

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