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A representative of the Clarendon Police Youth Club, Whendy Johnson, won the national title from a field of 13 contestants on Sunday (August 14), at the crowning held at the Little London High School in Westmoreland.
Speaking with JIS News, Miss Johnson, a 19 year-old pharmacy technician student at the University Hospital of the West Indies, said that she was elated to win the competition.
“I’m very happy to have won. I never thought that I was going to win. I was very surprised. The competition helped me to see my potential and in everything to put God first because I did a lot of praying. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that this crown will present me, to the exposure that I will get and the chance to help empower young people,” she said.
She was also adjudged ‘Most Intelligent’ and was awarded with gift items.
Miss Johnson, who was asked to tell what she would do if she was the Minister of Education, said she would allocate more money to fund outreach education initiatives, such as the HEART Trust/NTA and the National Youth Service.
She also spoke of an initiative she would undertake to help solve Jamaica’s social problems if she was Prime Minister for a day.
“For the day I would focus on a parenting seminar to seriously teach persons how to become better parents, so that the home will be stable, the community will be stable and Jamaica will be stable, and if Jamaica is stable, crime and violence will be decreased, tourists will want to visit and if they come, that would mean more revenue for the country,” she said.
In second place was another Clarendon representative, Taneil Campbell, a 20 year-old teacher at the Midland Preparatory School. She also received gift items.

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