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Transport and Works Minister, Mike Henry, after consultations with both the Transport Authority (TA) and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), has granted a 30-day extension to JUTC sub-franchise holders within the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR), in respect of the deadline for the renewal of their licences.
The extension took effect Tuesday(March 31), the expiry date for the then existing sub-franchise licences. It applies only to JUTC sub-franchise holders in the KMTR, comprised of bus and route taxi operators, and not to any other public passenger vehicle operators.
The extension was granted under terms and conditions which include the payment of all outstanding sub-franchise licence fees to the JUTC/TA.
The renewals are being granted for a period of six months, upon payment of approximately 50 per cent of the applicable fees for a one-year licence, making it easier for the operators to meet their financial obligations.
The half-year licensing period ties in with an ongoing process of rationalisation and assessment of all the public passenger vehicle (PPV) routes within the KMTR. This is being conducted by the JUTC and the Transport Ministry. The initiative is part of the broad multi-modal transport policy being formulated by the Ministry in respect of the overall arrangements for transportation, nationally, including within the KMTR.
A list of the JUTC sub-franchise holders is being provided to both the Transport Authority and the Police High Command, to ensure clarity in respect of who are entitled to the concession granted by the minister.

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