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Packages with relief supplies were distributed to several residents of the flooded districts of Forrest and Pierce’s Village in Eastern Hanover, on November 4.
The residents have also been warned about playing or swimming in the body of water now covering a great portion of the land area in both districts.
The warning was issued during a community meeting at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall in the adjoining district of Prosper. A similar warning was issued to the residents of Chigwell during a community meeting earlier this week.
Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for Hanover, Olga Fae Headley who met with the residents, urged them to desist from playing or swimming in the flood waters, outlining the implications for such activities.
In an Interview with JIS News following the meeting, Mrs. Headley said that she was impressed with the turnout for the meeting and was equally pleased with the reaction of the residents.
“They (the residents) are now complaining about a few boys who persist in swimming in the flood waters, and they have been talking to them, telling them to quit the practise,” she said.
Mrs. Headley explained that the meeting was also used to discuss other issues such as the availability of emergency shelters; the role of appointed shelter managers; and the availability of boats for transportation in and around the communities.
“We spoke of the solid waste in the community, what they should do with it, and how they ought to practise proper waste disposal as a matter of priority, because we cannot afford to have any disease or anything else breaking out at this time,” she said.
Other topics discussed included long and short term relocation plans; benefits available for registered farmers, and how unregistered farmers in the area can register with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA); and the importance of school attendance for students, especially those on the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education.

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