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A contract valued at $24.8 million, for the upgrading and rehabilitation of 3.5 kilometres of roadway in the community of Rejoin in Eastern Hanover, was signed between the Rejoin Citizens Association and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) on June 6.
As part of the condition for funding by JSIF, the Association is required to make a minimum of 11 per cent of the total contract cost as its contribution in cash or kind towards the implementation of the project. Contractor for the project is Seematt Construction Company Ltd.
Addressing the signing ceremony, held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall in the community, JSIF Board member, Bishop Rudolph Daley said that if allowed to remain in its present condition, the roadway would impact negatively on the socio-economic potential of the community. He pointed out that the signing of the contract was the first step in reversing that trend, and should contribute significantly to the market potential of the community and its products.
“Overall, the rehabilitation of the road will cost $24 .8 million. JSIF will contribute over $22.9 million through funds obtained from the Government of Jamaica, and the community will provide the other $1.9 million in labour and kind,” he stated.
The work, which is expected to begin in another two to three weeks should be completed in four months.
Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Eastern Hanover, Barrington Grey, highlighted the many projects that JSIF has carried out in that constituency. These, he said, included five basic schools, one community centre, and three other road rehabilitation projects.
Mr. Grey said he was very appreciative of the work being carried out by JSIF, and pleaded with the residents of the community to give their full co-operation during the implementation of the project.

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