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Water supply is to be restored today (Jan. 5) to National Water Commission (NWC) customers served by the Spring Village deep well in St. Catherine.
Communities served by the well have been without regular water supply from Saturday as the 70-foot cable used to distribute water was stolen.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Community Relations Officer for the Eastern Division of the NWC, Miss Tanika Nelson, stated that the NWC is in the process of re-installing the cable. “Up to yesterday we had done the installation. We were having some challenges in terms of getting it in and up and running, but the latest update on it is that the system will be back in service by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon,” Miss Nelson said.
She noted that the NWC is “seriously disturbed and disappointed” about the recent acts of vandalism to the Spring Village system. She added that such activity hampers the work of the Commission and affects customers.
“We are seriously disturbed and disappointed because water is critical and one would anticipate that persons would be mindful of this and it is something that the Commission looks at with very deep concern. Not only is it affecting the supply to customers, but they are also implications for not only operations, but the expense and the time it would take for us to do the necessary repairs,” Miss Nelson stated.
Meanwhile, Corporate Public Relations Manager at the NWC, Mr. Charles Buchanan informed that the matter is under police investigation. In addition, he said that an internal investigation is being carried out by the NWC.
“It is one of the most unfortunate challenges that the NWC continues to grapple with. Over the course of recent years, we have been having a number of vandalism and theft of critical parts of the water and sewage infrastructure. We have encountered theft of electrical cable, pipeline and electrical machinery at a number of our facilities. We hope that we will find those responsible and that we will be able to bring them to justice in a very effective and meaningful way,” Mr. Buchanan said.

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