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Effective Monday, June 17, the regular diesel fuel supplied by Petrojam Limited will have a red colour.

The change is in preparation for the introduction of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) to the market on Monday, June 24. ULSD will be of a light yellow (straw).

Speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank, Manager of Safety, Environment and Quality (SEQ) at Petrojam, Leon Jarrett, explained that the introduction of the ULSD fuel is in response to market demand to provide diesel that is compatible with newer models of diesel engines that are being manufactured with improved emission-controlling devices.

He explained that the introduction of ULSD fuel is of primary significance to owners of vehicles with advanced emission control systems that are designed to use that grade diesel fuel.

“These vehicles cannot operate at peak efficiency using the high sulphur diesel. This is why the introduction of the low sulphur diesel fuel to the marketplace is so important,” he stated.

He said that the cost for the ULSD would be just slightly higher than the current grade being used, but noted that the benefits will out-weigh the increased cost, as ULSD vehicles emit less harmful exhaust fumes, thereby improving air quality.

He noted further that ULSD will improve the overall performance of vehicles designed for its use, offer better mileage over gas, and will decrease maintenance and service schedules.

Contact: Rodger Hutchinson

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