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Registration is now on for companies, organisations and individuals involved in the water sector that are interested in participating in the technical exposition, which forms part of next month’s Fifth Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management.
Charles Buchanan, Corporate Public Relations Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC) and a member of the Dialogue Organising Committee, told JIS News that there are still booths available for the exposition, which will be staged from Sunday, October 9 to Wednesday, October 12.
“Although it is somewhat late, we are very happy to accommodate any registration for exhibition at the Dialogue. Persons may check the website of any of the agencies within the water sector to get further details with regard to the Dialogue and with regard to the exhibition itself,” Mr. Buchanan pointed out.
Forty booth spaces will be available for the display of goods, services and products related to water resources management, each with an area of 3×3 metres (10×10 feet). The cost per booth is US$1,000 and includes registration of one person to the Water Dialogue.
“The fees for exhibiting at the conference are very reasonable,” said Mr. Buchanan, who noted “if this were to provide opportunities for expansion of business, then you would see this as a more than worthwhile investment”.
Interested persons are encouraged to visit the NWC’s website at; the Water Resources Authority’s website at; or the Inter-American Water Resources Network website at Persons can also make direct telephone contact with the Secretariat of the Fifth Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, which is operating out of the offices of the Water Resources Authority.
The Technical Exposition is an important part of the Fifth Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, and is “expected to be an exhibition of activities and initiatives in water management from a range of countries”.
“We are actually seeing it as a significant opportunity for Jamaican businesses involved in water management, or businesses which have an interest in providing services or supplying goods to entities involved in water management, not only here in Jamaica but throughout the hemisphere,” Mr. Buchanan told JIS News.
“For companies actively seeking to expand operations, this would be an excellent opportunity for them to showcase what they do and make linkages with the representatives of the more than 35 countries that are expected to be in attendance,” he added.
The exposition, which is aimed primarily at those persons attending the conference, will provide an excellent opportunity for information exchange, and networking.
“It will also provide an opportunity for various persons within the water sector to see demonstrated, new technologies, new approaches to the business of water supply, as well as overall water management practices,” Mr. Buchanan informed.
Elaborating on the types of displays that are expected at the exhibition, the Public Relations Manager noted that there would be displays that focus on water resources as an important part of food sustainability and water as a critical part of the management of the natural environment.
“We are expecting persons to display success projects that have been done in a variety of countries and that might have applicability in other countries in terms of water as part of the sustainable development process. Projects will also be on display showing better use of governance procedures, with regard to policy development and such matters relating to water supply,” he added.
In addition, there would be displays on water and sanitation, risk management and the application of science and technology in water resource management. “We’re going to have displays of things involved in well drilling and water supply resource harnessing. We’re going to see examples of better ways to reduce the losses from water supply systems to ensure that more of the water, which is harnessed and treated, is delivered to the intended customers,” Mr. Buchanan further explained.
A number of government agencies, private sector entities and international organisations have already confirmed their participation in the Dialogue’s Technical Exposition, including the NWC, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN), the Organisation of American States (OAS) and Sogea Satom, which are currently involved as contractors in a number of water supply construction projects and water supply improvement schemes islandwide.