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Director in the Education Ministry’s Region Three, Maxine Headlam, says the re-opening of schools got off to a smooth start, with principals and teachers ready to carry out their duties.
“The school year in Region Three has started off exceptionally well. We have not observed any glitches in terms of re-opening and I really commend principals and teachers and the staff of the Regional Office for the kind of effort that was made in ensuring that we had a good start,” she told JIS News in an interview.
She lauded the Ministry of Education for playing a tremendous part in ensuring that the schools were adequately financed for the re-opening, pointing out that subvention grants as well as other regular grants were in place.
“We are still anticipating furniture for some schools, and we know that deliveries are being made. I am also aware that deliveries of text books are being made in the Primary schools, and the schools are aware that text books for secondary schools are going to be a little delayed, but overall it has been a very positive start up,” Miss Headlam assured.
Pointing to the newly constructed Mansfield Primary School in Ocho Rios, which is operating as the Steer Town Academy, Miss Headlam said she was really impressed with the start up at the institution on September 6.
“The school was opened without any glitches. Their books are in place, their funding is in place, their Board is in place and their staff was specially chosen. I do not foresee any kind of problem that should cause the Steer Town Academy not to get off to the kind of start that is envisioned for a Centre of Excellence,” she said.
She is appealing to parents and the wider community to join with the principals and teachers in the different schools to strengthen their partnership.
“The Ministry of Education and the schools, by themselves, cannot offer the kind of support to our students’ development. It is something that must be tripartite. We want to make sure that parents know their responsibility, teachers and schools know their responsibility and students take responsibility for their actions and outcome,” she said.
Miss Headlam is also encouraging parents to seek to connect with the Regional Office, as it is there to serve them in the best ways possible.
Region Three covers the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny.

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