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Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has said that Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region, must explore all the possible means of creating “our own food security.”
“Food security should be viewed beyond just the immediate demands of nutrition. It must be viewed as a strategic position that countries take in order to secure the livelihood of its people, and to secure a position in the marketplace,” he stated.
The Agriculture Minister was addressing the World Food Day seminar held on (Oct. 15) at the Knutsford Court hotel under the theme: ‘The right to food’. The function was organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in collaboration with the Agriculture Ministry.
According to Dr. Tufton, World Food Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of nutrition and the importance of food as a critical element in the survival of mankind.
“Sometimes we take these things for granted particularly if we are not part of the one third of the world’s population that lives in poverty. Fortunately for us here, we do not fall in that one third of the population,” he noted.
Lack of proper nutrition and food, Dr. Tufton said, “speaks to a challenge of development, it speaks to the challenge of equitable distribution, because we do produce a lot, but the fact is, some people have it in abundance and some people don’t have it at all.”
Dr. Dunstan Campbell, Chairman of the National World Food Day Steering Committee and FAO Representative for Jamaica, the Bahamas and Belize, noted that the seminar aims to bring together key stakeholders so as to work toward a common goal of food and nutrition security.
“This seminar was organised to bring together the key stakeholders that can impact on food and nutrition security programmes in Jamaica, to interpret the context of food and nutrition security in Jamaica. It seeks to lay the foundation in the building of an alliance for addressing the problem of food and nutrition security in Jamaica,” he explained.
World Food Day was established by FAO’s member countries at the organization’s 20th general conference in November 1979. It has since been observed every year in more than 150 countries.
World Food Day is a reminder of FAO’s constant search for a long-term solution to the problem of hunger and poverty in the world. It was created with the goal that food should become a human right for present and future generations.