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Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Dr. Edwin Carrington has said that the task is not beyond the region to compete and excel, as in building the kind of community for which all states yearn.
“The people of our community continue to be resilient and resourceful, and aided by a wide and vibrant Caribbean Diaspora, this region can only prosper. In many ways, we can punch above our weight and we certainly believe that despite our challenges, we can achieve the objectives of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and most if not all of the Millennium Development Goals,” he stated.
Dr. Carrington noted that what was needed was the guidance and leadership that would channel energies to achieve optimal results, and a viable, prosperous and secure community for all.
He was addressing the opening ceremony for the 31st Regular Meeting of Conference of Heads of CARICOM, held at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay, St. James yesterday (July 4).
The Secretary-General said the Community must, in meeting the challenge to excel, give itself the opportunity to harness the best talents in the effort to carve out its space in the world, which he described as having remained “impeccably hostile to the interest of small states”.
He said it was the talents that resided in the regions’ youth, which could provide innovation, invigoration, and the creativity necessary to be competitive in the global marketplace.
Meanwhile, Dr. Carrington pointed out that while the importance of the 37 years as a community should not be undervalued, the preeminent reason for unity “must not be cast in the mold of simply battling adversity nor the nostalgia of shared history. It must be in the collective responsibility and prospects for the future well-being of the peoples of these small vulnerable island regions”.

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