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Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, on Saturday (July 25) presented a copy of the Condolence Book, opened at the Institute of Jamaica in tribute to the late acclaimed King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson, to his brother, Tito, who received it on behalf of the Jackson family.
The presentation was made during the final night (International Night 11) of the annual Reggae Festival, Reggae SumFest, in Montego Bay, St. James, which drew the biggest attendance in the history of the event.
“It is one month since Michael Jackson passed away, and tonight we celebrate his life and we celebrate the Jacksons family being a family that has contributed so tremendously to the world. We love the Jackson family,” Miss Grange said.
She then presented Tito with a copy of the book, which has the signatures of thousands of Jamaicans who went to the Institute of Jamaica, downtown Kingston to pay tribute to Michael Jackson by entering their condolences after his death on June 25 in Los Angeles, California.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett (centre) discusses a SumFest Magazine with Regional Director of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) Office in Canada, Sandra Scott (right) and Radio/TV personality, Candice Buchanan (left), during this year’s SumFest International Night 11 at the Bob Marley Entertainment Centre in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St. James on Saturday (July 25).

Miss Grange then requested that Tito sign a copy of the Condolence Book, which will be kept at the Institute of Jamaica in Michael Jackson’s memory.
Accepting the book on behalf of his family, Tito expressed appreciation for the warm hospitality shown by the Jamaican people and Government.
He also presented Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, with a gold clock on behalf of his family.
“This presentation is from my family and it says, ‘To the people of Jamaica, thank you. In memory of our loving brother, Michael Jackson, from all the Jackson family, 2009.’ Thank you very much,” Tito said.

A section of the large crowd in attendance at Sum Fest International Night 11 at the Bob Marley Entertainment Centre in Catherine Hall Montego Bay St. James on Saturday (July 25).

“On behalf of the Prime Minister and people of Jamaica, the Jamaican family would like to say thank you to the Jackson family. This gift represents a symbol of the solidarity between the Jacksons and the Jamaican people,” Mr. Bartlett responded.
Robert Russell of Sum Fest Productions presented the Jacksons with a ‘Life Time Achievement Award’, honouring the memory of Michael Jackson, which was also received by Tito Jackson.
“Sum Fest Productions, like the rest of the world, was inspired by the over 40 years of exceptional entertainment that Michael Jackson provided. In recognition of his outstanding talent and inspirational example, Sum Fest Productions presents to his family a Lifetime Achievement Award, honouring Michael’s memory as the greatest entertainer that this world has ever seen”, Mr. Russell stated.
Tito Jackson then led his band in a rendition of the first verse of Bob Marley’s famous song ‘One Love.”

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