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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw, has said that the reform and transformation of Jamaica’s educational system and the management of the external debt are of primary importance to the country’s ongoing cooperation with the World Bank.
The Minister’s comments came on Tuesday (Jan. 8) at the conclusion of a meeting with World Bank Vice President, Pamela Cox at the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC. The meeting focused on a range of issues, including the status of World Bank projects currently underway in Jamaica, as well as other projects anticipated in the near term.
“Our discussions, which were initiated in October of last year, centres on exploring a possible joint effort with the World Bank and a consortium of multilateral entities to look at the financing of the Education Transformation Programme and also to examine debt management options that will serve to benefit the Jamaican economy,” the Minister said.
He also took the opportunity to reiterate Jamaica’s appreciation to the Bank for its work in expediting the funding process for the Hurricane Dean Emergency Recovery Programme, which will provide for the rehabilitation of the country’s social and economic infrastructure in the aftermath of last year’s devastating storm.
Mr. Shaw also announced that the World Bank Vice President will be visiting Jamaica from January 28-30 to hold further discussions with Prime Minister, Bruce Golding and himself, while also taking the opportunity to assess World Bank projects currently under implementation in the island.

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