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The St. Ann Police Division is reporting an eight per cent reduction in major crimes last year, when compared with 2002.
Deputy Superintendent, W. R. Gayle, who is in charge of the parish, told JIS News that overall, major crimes reported in 2003 totalled 366, with 192 or 52 per cent cleared up, while for the previous year, 396 major crimes were reported, with 187 or 47 per cent cleared up.
He pointed out that while murder and rape had increased by four and five per cent, respectively, shooting, carnal abuse, robbery, break in and larceny had decreased by one, 10, 19, 26 and three per cent, respectively.
Mr. Gayle expressed thanks to members of the public for their assistance in helping the Police to tackle unlawful activities, adding that persons were instrumental in the clearing up exercise over the period.
The Deputy Superintendent told JIS News that the majority of persons arrested for major crimes were not from St. Ann, and pointed out that the parish was plagued with itinerant criminals who came from other communities, particularly the Corporate Area.
Mr. Gayle said that one hindrance to their work was the lack of an identification parade room in the division, noting that several suspects had to be released without being charged, “because nobody wants to do the formal identification, where suspects are selected from a line of persons, and when identification parades are arranged in Kingston and Montego Bay, no one wants to go”.
He called on members of the community to report strange persons to the Police, as many times these were the same persons who left as soon as they committed crimes.
Mr. Gayle assured that all reports to the Police would be dealt with in a “confidential manner”.

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