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MONTEGO BAY — There has been a drastic reduction in the number of emergency fire calls made to the Trelawny division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, over the last month.

In a report tabled at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council on Thursday July 14, 2011, Deputy Superintendent of the division, Kevin Haughton, credited the reduction to a comprehensive public education programme being implemented in the parish.

Deputy Superintendent Haughton told the meeting that 80 emergency fire calls were received by the division in May, while only 20 such calls were received in June.

“On our educational side, we conducted 28 lectures, six fire drills, one exhibition, one station tour and we issued 1,455 pamphlets. We also toured three special risk areas and interacted with approximately 2,888 members of the public. This we can attribute to the significant decrease in calls for this period,” he told the meeting.

He also noted that of the 20 emergency calls in June, 15 were genuine, one for special service and four were categorized as malicious false alarms. Of the genuine calls, five were house fires, which resulted in eleven adults and 12 children being displaced. In May, there were four house fires occurring, leaving five adults and two children displaced.

He noted that approximately 78 building inspections were carried out in June, involving nine offices, 29 industrial and commercial buildings, one clinic, one school, 17 clubs and sporting venues, one children’s home, one home for the aged, eight hotels, nine Early Childhood Institutions and two police stations.

He added that during the 78 inspections, 60 violations were discovered, 25 of which were immediately dealt with and recommendations made for the other 35 to be regulated.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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