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More than 200 teachers graduated from the Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM), in Manchester, on September 27.
The graduates, who gained qualifications ranging from Diplomas to Bachelor’s degrees in teacher education, were encouraged by President of the College, Dr. Una O’Connor, to continue to the next level of qualification.
Addressing the graduates at the Kendal Conference Centre, in the parish, the President said that with the growth in the number of teachers being educated by the College, public schools are being enriched.
“With the exception of a small number, they are teaching all over the island in Government and private schools, mainly primary and basic. The CCM programme allows for courses that provide additional skills, guidance/counselling, drama, learning, literacy and phonics. Many of our graduates have been appointed to supervisory positions in schools and have participated in the Ministry of Education’s enrichment workshops,” she pointed out.
In his address, President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Winston Lawson, told the graduates that it took patience and sacrifice to reach this stage of their development, and that the same skills would be needed in the world of work.
“You cannot consider this the end of the road. In fact, your journey has only started and your continued success is crucial, not only for your own self development, but for the further development of your future students, your community and your country,” he said.

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