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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding says the country should be out of the economic recession, which has crippled much of the world’s economies, by the next quarter.
Speaking on December 16, at the official opening of the Lionel Densham Aerodrome, in St. Elizabeth, Mr. Golding said the recession should have ended during the last Quarter of 2010, but due to the damage done by Tropical Storm Nichole (in September), there is a delay.
“I am absolutely certain that that by the next quarter, we can say that the recession is behind us. Going forward from there will depend to a great extent on the quality of partnership that we are able to build between the public and the private sector – Government and investors,” the Prime Minister said.
The new aerodrome was developed at cost of $18 million, with the main focus on getting visitors to the area in quick time.
Mr. Golding said that private investors must at all times seize opportunities that exist in the creation of enterprises, as being done by hotelier, Jason Henzell, in the Treasure Beach community in St. Elizabeth, and in particular, the latest venture of constructing the aerodrome.
“Government is an enabler, in clearing the way to make investment easy, but it is the private sector on whose shoulders, on whose investment the economic growth that we want and the employment that we want, depend,” the Prime Minister said.
Citing the aerodrome, and the soon to be upgraded and expanded Holland aerodrome, Mr. Golding noted that they will add great value to the South Coast tourism. “It is going to be the beginning of something new; as there is so much that the South Coast has to offer. It will

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