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The St. Ann Health Department will be embarking on a rodent control programme in the Discovery Bay area, to help stem the level of rat infestation and reduce the risk of disease transmission, particularly leptospirosis.
“A survey that was carried out in the Discovery Bay region revealed that a number of communities in the area were infested with pests,” Vector Control Officer for the parish, Mark Miller, told JIS News.
He pointed out that the areas included Old Folly, Black Ants Corner, Jack Lodge and Farm Town.
Mr. Miller said the four-phase rat control programme should result in certain control measures being carried out, such as the setting of rat baits in bamboo joints, open lots, drains and in schools, and pointed out that members of the public would be made aware through training seminars and public education meetings.
He also noted that there would be garbage collection in the communities, as improper garbage disposal was one of the main attractions for rats.
Mr. Miller informed JIS News that training seminars would be held soon for business entrepreneurs in the area.
He is appealing to members of the various communities to co-operate and support the St. Ann Health Department, as it seeks to educate the public on the matter of proper rodent control.

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