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Reimagining Nanny: Her Sword – A Seed

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Reimagining Nanny: Her Sword – A Seed

What if there was so much more to National Heroine, Nanny of the Maroons than we first thought? Well, the documentary ‘Reimagining Nanny: Her Sword – A Seed’ produced by Jamaican Professor at New York University (NYU) Leo Douglas, seeks to answer that question by telling a different story about the Maroon leader, a story of Nanny the wise woman; Nanny the healer; and Nanny the protector of the springs, forests and watersheds of the Blue and John Crow Mountains of Jamaica. On this week’s Art’s Page we hear from Professor Leo Douglas about his ambitious endeavour to Reimagine Nanny.

Presented by: Jermi-Lee Nelson
Jermi-Lee Nelson

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