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Mediation Training

Feature | July 12, 2018
The Dispute Resolution Foundation, a private, affiliate organization of the Ministry of Justice, supports and encourages the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques across the island and offers mediation training.
Presenter: Anjuii James-Sawyers
Producer: Anjuii James-Sawyers
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Feature | June 14, 2019
Though the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference will culminate with the Diaspora Day of Service on June 20, Day One of the Conference on June 16 will see the execution of a very special service project. This project, being carried out by the Jamaica Diaspora Health Taskforce, will focus on Mental Health, specifically assisting persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Ryan Simpson one of the key organizers of this Day of Service project says he was inspired to lend a helping hand after a deeply personal experience.
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Marion Myrie
Feature | June 13, 2019
The African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica, a division of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), recently hosted a Revival Tribute in honour of late former Prime Minister Edward Seaga. The Revival Tribute is but one of several means by which the Institute will remember the late former Prime Minister across its divisions.
Presenter: Vanessa Silvera
Producer: Vanessa Silvera
Feature | June 13, 2019
Not everyone is meant to be a lawyer, doctor or hold a Ph.D. Many of us are born with talents that don’t readily lend themselves to the typical pathways to success. We introduce you to one such person on today’s programme and find out how he is using his creative talent for knotting and crocheting to make his way in life.  
Presenter: Vaughn Davis
Producer: Vaughn Davis
Feature | June 12, 2019
Presenter: Twila Wheelan & Andre Skeen
Producer: Twila Wheelan
Feature | June 12, 2019
It was only a few years ago that the ability to create quality works of arts belonged to those with expensive, hard to operate equipment and years of training. Nowadays digital tools exist which have made creating art more intuitive, and much easier. Keeping up with all these changes can be difficult, but being able to exploit them can be financially rewarding. On today’s programme we explore how emerging technologies can help creative practitioners to run successful businesses
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Andrae Palmer
Feature | June 12, 2019
Jamaica’s waste stream has evolved significantly over the years moving from more biodegradable garbage, to materials that are not so easily broken down. In effect, we have more bulky waste causing more harm than good to our environment. In light of this, the country’s leaders and several well thinking citizens are moving to get Jamaica on the path to achieving zero waste.  Here’s our first in a two part look of how this is being tackled.
Presenter: Anthony Morgan
Producer: Anthony Morgan