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Jamaica Made: ‘Scentre Yourself’, August 17, 2022

Jamaica Made | August 17, 2022
In this edition of Jamaica Made, Claudine Campbell-Bryan shares the secret to 'Scentre Yourself'.
Presenter: Anthony Morgan
Producer: Anthony Morgan
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Jamaica Made | November 23, 2022
A good business idea can come at any time and from just about anywhere. For many they start out as a pastime, a special skill, or a hobby they picked up that eventually metamorphized into an entrepreneurial pursuit. This last sentence describes the early beginnings of Makeda Morrison’s ‘Copper and Thread’ crochet design business.
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Second year law student Ree-Anna Robinson flew the Jamaican flag high in New York at the United Nations where she made the case for more to be done for the education and mental health needs of the nation's youth.
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There’s a popular saying that goes ‘In every crisis there’s an opportunity’. And on this week’s Jamaica Made we hear the story of Levian Sharpe and how in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic she started her own skincare product line called Vilahks.
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Our featured business owner - Sandre Malcolm, is passionate about meeting people where they are and getting them to where he wants them to be, while delivering value to them.
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Producer: Anjuii James-Sawyers
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If you’ve been shopping but you just cant seem to find what you want in a store, what would you do? For many the answer may be to just keep searching and hope you eventually stumble into the right store, but for the founders of Femme Fatale JA, they saw a business opportunity.
Presenter: Jermi-Lee Nelson
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Jamaica Made | March 30, 2022
Imagine trying to change your diet but struggling to understand what to eat, or recipes to make the transition easier and fun. The reason for the change may vary from doctors’ orders or you want to try something new. Jo-Ann Richards Goffe knows this situation very well, and has a solution for you, especially if you are thinking about going vegan. And the beauty about it is that she has it all written down in a book
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Andrae Palmer
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