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    St. Ann Parish Agricultural Manager for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Pedro Worghs, has encouraged more farmers in the parish to adopt greenhouse technology to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.
    “We are working with a number of greenhouse farmers in the parish and RADA tries to provide technical assistance for these farmers because greenhouse is fairly new,” he said, pointing out that those farmers, who are using the technique, are doing very well.
    He said that RADA provided irrigation equipment to two farmers and is willing to assist others to design greenhouses and purchase equipment.
    For farmers, who wish to adopt this method of protective agriculture, the RADA Parish Manager said that they must have access to land that is at least 1500 feet above sea level, in addition to a reliable source of water. “The demand for the plants for water is very high, so you have to ensure that you have a reliable source of water before you can think of putting up a greenhouse,” he pointed out.
    Acknowledging that the cost of putting in the technology may be an inhibiting factor, Mr. Worghs urged farmers to seek funding through the People’s Cooperative (PC) Banks.
    “Once you have the credit and the source of water and the elevation is right, then you are good to go,” he said, encouraging farmers to come into any of the RADA extension offices in the parish and access information on all aspects of greenhouse technology.

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