JIS News

PORT ANTONIO – Scores of persons attended the second Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) – sponsored farmers market in Portland, at the Folly Estate, Port Antonio, on Friday March 18.

A total of 45 farmers from Portland, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth and St. Mary participated, with carrots, cabbage and Irish potatoes accounting for a greater level of sale than other produce.

Approximately 29,000 pounds of produce were sold, with a turnover of roughly $1.5 million.

Speaking to JIS News during the event, RADA’s Marketing Officer for Portland, Erica Daley, said she was satisfied with the success, adding that the planning was meticulously done to ensure that an adequate amount of produce was available to meet the demand of patrons.

Noting that this market was better planned and organized than the previous one, she said the experience gained from staging the first one helped to ensure a smoother operation, this time.

She said she was especially pleased about the inclusion of farmers from other parishes, as this produced a wider range of provisions for the patrons, than if participation was confined to farmers from Portland.

In thanking the patrons for supporting the venture, she said that support was of critical importance for the advancement of the agricultural sector, as it will encourage farmers to continue, resiliently, with efforts to increase and diversify production.

The next farmers market in the parish is scheduled for Friday, April 1 at the same venue, and every effort will be made to ensure that the same level of success is achieved, she said.