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Manager of the St. Ann branch of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Pedro Worghs, has reported high yields from the production and productivity programme for farmers in the parish.
“This programme involves a number of selected crops, namely, Irish and sweet potatoes, hot pepper, carrot, onion and dasheen,” Mr. Worghs told JIS News.
He added that the programme was a positive move towards increasing production in the parish.
Focusing on the selected crops, he said that it was remarkable that productivity had improved a lot for Irish potatoes, as the farmers usually recorded poor yields in the past.
“Under this programme, the parish established 16 hectares of Irish potatoes. To date we have reaped 8.5 hectares, yielding a total of over a hundred tons valued at $9.1 million,” he said. He noted that 31 farmers were involved.
He also stated that a total of 79 farmers were involved in the establishment of 37.4 hectares of carrots, and that some 250.75 tons, valued at over $8 million, were reaped.
“With regards to hot pepper production, we established 10.6 hectares, with the involvement of nine farmers and, to date, we have reaped 2.15 tons valued at $172,000,” he revealed.
Some 8.9 hectares of onions were established and 8.5 hectares reaped, with 30 tons marketed at a value of $2.4 million, he said.
He commended the farmers on their hard work and commitment in ensuring the success of the programme.
The Production and productivity programme is one of many agricultural initiatives that RADA is pursuing in St. Ann. Other programmes include the Domestic Food Crop and the Fruit Tree Crop Projects, as well as production incentives programmes.
These programmes are funded by the Government of Jamaica supported by several international agencies.

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