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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) in Hanover is once again inviting applications for entry into its ‘Gardening Techniques’ course, which is being implemented in collaboration with Heart Trust/NTA.
The six-week course, which should have been offered last February, was postponed because of the lack of enough applicants.
In a report to the Hanover Parish Council recently, the RADA Parish Manager for Hanover, Bernard Goffe, announced that the course should begin within the next few weeks.
He urged the Hanover Parish Councillors to use their influence in their communities to encourage young people to apply for entry into the course.
Explaining that the only requirement for acceptance is to be functionally literate, the RADA Parish Manager pointed out that of the initial 30 applications received in January, only eight persons turned up to be interviewed, and only four of that amount were functionally literate. The failure to identify at least 20 persons suitable for the training course was the reason for the delay in the starting of the course.
“A programme like this we have to target individuals who are functionally literate. We have now embarked on another advertising programme for it (the course), and so far we have received an additional 10 applications, and we hope to conduct interviews during the course of this month to see if we can get the training off the ground,” he said.
Describing the planned training programme as a very meaningful one, which should help in reducing the number of unemployed and unemployable young persons in the parish, Mr. Goffe explained that participants in the course would receive level one certification from Heart Trust/NTA.
The implementation of the course by RADA officers in Hanover comes against the background of several developments taking place and slated to take place in the parish, and numerous requests for persons with that particular skill.
The course outline is a very compact one, covering subject areas such as, employability skills; the use, maintenance, storage and occupational safety with regards to gardening tools and equipment; gardening techniques; irrigation; plant propagation; general crop care; types of gardens; and pets and pet care, among others.
There is no cost to the participants, as all costs are borne by the Heart Trust/NTA, along with contributions from Members of Parliament in the parish.