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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) today (May 14) launched its toll free number 1-888-429-5723, which will enable farmers to access valuable information without being concerned about the cost.
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of RADA, Alexander Powell said it is expected that the toll free line will not only help to reduce farmers’ communication expenses, but will allow for quick access to credible technical information related to their operations.
“This will facilitate not only more effective planning, but improved production and productivity. Additionally, farmers will be better able to report on farm related developments in their areas, providing better information flow into the RADA system in order that we can continue to improve the service that we offer,” Mr. Powell said.
He was speaking during the launch at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Old Hope Road, Kingston.
Mr. Powell noted that the toll free line will facilitate access to markets, as it will allow for the feeding of information directly to marketing officers.
“Our marketing officers in turn will provide assistance with the sourcing of markets, and supply information of projected demands to inform decisions that farmers have to make on the ground. It will also help to improve linkages between exporters, importers and farmers, which should help to reduce gluts and shortages,” Mr. Powell said.
Additionally, the new line will place RADA in a position to handle complaints and address requests in a timelier manner. A help desk will be set up to facilitate backyard farming and other activities.
“We look forward to the strengthening of the relationship between RADA and our farmers that will surely emerge from these improved communication services, helping us to meet the goal of the ministry and RADA to better serve our farmers and the agricultural sector in general,” Mr. Powell said.
RADA is a statutory body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, established under the Rural Agricultural Development Authority Act of 1990, replacing the Land Authorities Act. It began its operation on August 1, 1990 and is Jamaica’s chief agricultural extension and rural development agency.

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