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The Trelawny branch of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), is in the process of registering farmers for the Agro Business Information System (ABIS) under the Ivan Resuscitation Programme.
“Relief Assistance is in high gear for vegetable and poultry farmers whose farms were severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September of last year. To date, approximately 1,180 farmers have benefited from the Agricultural Resuscitation Programme,” RADA Parish Manager, Donald Robinson told JIS News.
He informed that the relief distribution had been effective and that the farmers were cooperating with the programme. “Recently we received an additional 832 vouchers for vegetable farmers and we are in the process of distributing these vouchers,” he said.
“We have also received some vegetable seeds, fertilizers and small tools from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), as part of the relief programme and we are in the process of distributing these as well,” Mr. Robinson added.He said farmers who had not yet received vouchers should contact the RADA offices in their areas and seize the opportunity to become a registered farmer under the ABIS programme.
The programme, he said, would provide information to farmers, buyers and the government to support business and production decisions.
“To take on this registration programme effectively, we will be utilizing the services of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS). We will also be employing some temporary workers to assist our extension officers in the Programme,” he said.
The Parish Manager further mentioned that a farmer registered under the ABIS Programme would be able to acquire a Farmer’s Receipt Book to assist him in the sale of his crops or livestock as part of the Agricultural Produce (Amendment) Act.
Mr. Robinson encouraged the farmers in the parish to continue to be cooperative and help to support anti-praedial larceny initiatives, as well as other national development plans.

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