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In a bid to further develop the industrial sector, an allocation of $24 million has been provided for the ‘Strengthening of Jamaica’s National Quality Infrastructure’ project.
This is outlined in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of Representatives.
The project intends to modernize Jamaica’s National Quality Infrastructure; develop a National Quality Policy; complete the Bureau of Standards Dangerous Goods facility to meet testing and certification needs of the region; establish a fully functional national accreditation body; provide a consultancy service for select laboratories; modernize regulatory and enforcement mechanisms for the food sector; and train private and public sector personnel in all aspects of the National Quality Infrastructure.
Some achievements the project have made since it began in October 2000 are: the development of a National Quality Policy in October of 2001; three training and awareness seminars were conducted to sensitize private and public sector stakeholders in December 2000, January 2001 and May 2006; and an awareness seminar was held for stakeholders on international food safety regulations in January 2003.
Anticipated targets for the project include reviewing and upgrading the regulatory and enforcement mechanism for the food sector; training of personnel in the food sector; assistance in the development of legislation for food safety; seminars for persons in the food related sectors; and training of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Food Safety Agency Secretariat.
The project will be renewed by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards and is expected to end in September of this year. It is funded by the Government and the Swedish International Development Agency.

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