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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has said that the team headed by Minister, Don Wehby which met with the IMF in Washington recently, is perfectly capable of handling the discussions at this stage.
He told last night’s Town Hall meeting in Ocho Rios that Minister Wehby is not a junior Minister as is being suggested, but a member of the Cabinet with equal Cabinet rank working with the Minister of Finance, Audley Shaw.
Responding to criticisms about the Finance Minister’s absence from the Washington IMF talks, Mr. Golding said that it was time to go beyond the trivialities and to get down to serious business as Jamaica had to find a way to weather this financial crisis.
He explained that except for the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, the other members of the team would normally meet with the IMF. The team included the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Mrs. Myrtle Halsall; Dr Wesley Hughes, Director of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), the Financial Secretary, Mrs. Sharon Crooks and other technicians from both the Bank of Jamaica and the Ministry of Finance.
“The purpose of the meeting last week was numbers crunching. There was no decision to be made. There was no policy issue to be addressed that would have required Ministerial presence at the level of Minister Shaw. It was simply that we present our numbers to the IMF and that these numbers were consistent. It was a technical assessment that had to be done’, Mr. Golding said.

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