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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding again insisted that although leaders have expressed a general frustration and impatience with Caricom, it was a family worth fighting for. He was speaking with journalists covering the 30th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of Caricom in Georgetown, Guyana today, July 3.
Repeating his pledge he said, “I am very committed to the process, but we have to ensure that there is a measurable distance between our declaration of that commitment and the assertion of the political will that must support that.”
Prime Minister Golding acknowledged that countries, such as Antigua, had a real issue as the number of foreigners living in that island state threatened to surpass nationals. He, however, warned that member states would do damage to Caricom if they opted to join other regional associations.
“Let us not go off each on our own frolic to take independent unilateral positions, a community cannot be run that way. And the question of contingent rights … those are things too that we are going to have to wrestle with. When you create other alliances you assume other responsibilities and obligations which may very well cut across the obligations that you have at home…I believe the priorities that they aught to give to get our family working is going to be diminished,” he said.

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