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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller has called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to place the Jamaican people at the centre of their deliberations and decision making in the House of Representatives. 

The Prime Minister, in her address at the swearing in ceremony for the 63 MPs elected in the December 29 General Election, reminded them that they are servants of the people and they should not betray the trust placed in them by the Jamaican people.

"We should count it a great honour to have been chosen by the people of Jamaica to occupy this important place in the affairs of our nation. 

"The people of this nation have reposed their trust and confidence in us, and we will work assiduously in these very challenging economic times to live up to that trust and protect the rights and interests of the Jamaican people," she stated. 

She noted that as Jamaica celebrates its Jubilee anniversary this year, the task placed in the country's leaders becomes even more urgent. 

Mrs. Simpson Miller, who along with the other 62 members of the House and 20 Senators swore allegiance to the people of Jamaica, pledged to serve with "humility and dedication to the principles of fairness, justice and equity. We will apply ourselves with diligence in tackling the challenges confronting us for the good of our people". 

"We will uphold the laws of the land and conduct ourselves and the people's business with sensitivity and sincerity.  We will make participation, accountability and responsibility the watchwords of this new Parliament," she vowed.  

She said that as Parliamentarians, "we must be 'change makers' and, purpose-driven leaders, who focus on the people and their concerns. We must inspire trust; we must do what is right and what is good."

The Prime Minister, in her address, further called for unity and respect between Government and Opposition members, and committed to putting mechanisms in place to provide for meaningful inclusion of and consultation with civil society and non-governmental organisations.

She welcomed the 20 new MPs, noting that she looked forward to their vigorous contribution to the discourse, discussions and debates of this House.

Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Holness, in his remarks, commended the elected members and reminded them that their job was to serve the people of Jamaica faithfully, diligently, and with pride. "We must be loyal to their best interests," he stated.

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