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Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, has warned criminals to put down their guns and give up the life of crime or face the consequences.
“I am appealing to the shottas, the gunmen, and the criminals. The life of badness is a short one. You will either be killed by your cronies, rival gangs or the police. Give up your guns, come back to the mainstream,” he said during his first press conference held on (Dec. 20) at the Police Officers’ Club in Kingston.
The Commissioner also empathised with those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to violence. “I know your pain and I know your grief because I have been there,” Rear Admiral Lewin said, noting that his mother and a family friend were murdered in Buckfield, Ocho Rios in 1990.
Stating that “there needs to be a new resolve,” Commissioner Lewin said that “the resolve must be to do our utmost to ensure that in the future, there would be far fewer Jamaicans grieving and in pain arising from the loss of a loved one, a victim of violence.”
“I believe the Jamaican people are so battered and bruised that they are ready to declare that enough is enough. I invite their mothers and fathers, where they exist, talk to your sons,” Rear Admiral Lewin said.
He blamed the culture of greed, selfishness and corruption for the present state of disorder in the society and called on the political leadership to recommit to a set of values and a code of conduct consistent with the vision of a safe, peaceful and prosperous society.
“Eliminate tribal attitudes and behaviour from the political landscape of our country. Re-establish and support legitimate leadership within communities without fear, favour or partisan consideration,” the Commissioner said, adding that there is need to empower communities and to put an end to excesses by agencies of the state.
He noted further that the divide between the upper and the lower classes must be bridged and called on persons in the business community, who are involved in criminal activities, to desist from such acts.

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