JIS News

KINGSTON – The Ministry of Energy and Mining has reported overwhelming public support for the restart of distribution of fluorescent bulbs, in the final phase of the Cuba-Jamaica Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Project, commonly called the Cuban light bulb distribution programme.

Speaking with JIS News, Ministry spokesman, Denis Miller, said he was quite pleased with the response the team  received when the project resumed in North West St. Andrew last week end. He disclosed that over 12,000 compact fluorescent bulbs were handed out.

“People came out in their numbers to receive the fluorescent bulbs,” he said. “Persons were there from early; lined up, waiting for the bulbs,” he added.

He said the distribution of the lamps should have a significant impact on the national energy bill, as persons were swopping incandescent bulbs of high wattage for the more energy efficient lamps.

“We’re giving them 14 watts, and they were replacing bulbs from 25 to 150 watts.  So, it’s supposed to have a significant impact. We haven’t completed the analysis as yet, but it will have an impact, based on the amount of bulbs we’ve distributed to date,” he noted.

The CFLs were distributed from five centres – the Hughenden community centre, Meadowbrook community centre, Pembroke Hall High School, Maverly Primary and Junior High School and the Patrick Gardens community centre.

Speaking with JIS News at the Pembroke Hall High School, residents Dionne Falconer and Yolann Fyfe noted that they were pleased to be receiving the bulbs. The women, who are both teachers, collected CFLs at the Pembroke Hall High School. They said they were grateful for any opportunity to cut their electricity bills.

“We will definitely be watching to see the effect of using the florescent bulbs,” noted Dionne Falconer.

The distribution programme will move on to St. Catherine next. On Tuesday, March 29, it will be in Kitson Town, at the Barney and Lloyd Community Centre, and in Ebony Vale at the Ebony Vale community centre.

On Wednesday, March 30, it will be at the Point Hill community centre and at Water Mount at the Open Bible Church.  On Thursday, March 31 it moves to Ginger Ridge, at the Sandy Ground SDA Church; at Browns Hall, at Browns Hall Primary; and Bellas Gate, at the Bellas Gate Baptist Church.

Distribution will be in West Kingston on Friday, April 1, covering Fletchers Land, Hannah Town, downtown Kingston, Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town.